12 Sep 2015 | John Stamoulos

Maintaining balance in life requires:

  • knowing what you want,
  • being aware of what does and doesn’t work for you
  • taking action that is in alignment with your authentic self.

In moving with the inevitable changes and challenges in life, balance plays a critical role. A prolonged over-focus in one area of life can knock you off your center and disrupt the integrity in all other areas. Too much energy put into work can create a lopsided vacuum of attention in your home life; not enough play can stifle your creative juices; too much rational mind can kill your compassion and cut connection to your heart.

The net effect of this imbalance is a lot like trying to turn a jagged wheel in soft sand – impossible at worst and difficult at best. The end result is suffering and exhaustion of mind, body and spirit.

Getting upright and restoring balance after life gets ‘off-kilter’ :

Ideally, balance is about having an even focus in all areas of life. Here is a short exercise you can do to assess your own life’s harmony and flow.

Choose the area of your life that you feel needs your attention. Here is a list of potential categories for your consideration:  (adapted from my Life Assessment Tool)


Personal Development

Physical Health and Vitality



Career and Service to Humanity

Sacred Relationships

Home and Family

Relaxation and Leisure

Then, ask yourself these three questions:

  •  What is it I really want in this category of my life?
  •  How far away from that heart’s desire am I with regard to this category?

Rate it on a scale from 0-10 (10 being far away, 0 being connected)

  •  What one step can I take right now to return to a heart- centered equilibrium in this area of my life?

(Repeat for any of the categories above.)

 When your efforts are clear and in harmony with your authentic self, you have choice-filled balance in your direction and you open the door for more joy, inner strength, confidence and resilience in life.

 Vision + Clarity = Authentic Self

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