On some level, we are all feeling the devastation, depression and heartbreak of the global pandemic we are stepping through. The crushing physical, emotional and spiritual ruin that has touched us all can leave us feeling vulnerable on every level and pushing us to scramble towards a return to ‘normal’. Like a bad dream, we can feel that we just want to put this awful nightmare behind us and get on with life as it was, even if that life was exhausting and stress-filled.


The following article is a thought-provoking look at how the marketing and media industries are poised to jump in to fulfill that desire for us all. The term ‘gaslighting’ is aptly used to describe how we can easily be convinced that all the excruciating experiences we have been living through are simply just not true. There are efforts in the works to erase the bad and scary memories…that help us pretend like COVID-19 pandemic never really happened. The author suggests that we will be fed a steady diet of consumption that will make us believe everything is good again and the boogeyman was just a figment of our imaginations. We will be soothed to hear that we can just forget what happened on the planet and get back to ‘business as usual (with all that implies!!)


However, there is a grave danger if we allow ourselves to fall into this soft bed of denial. The article suggests that, right now in the history of mankind, we have an unparalleled opportunity to choose change… to choose to discover our deepest, most powerful being and to embrace our collective and individual potential by resisting the return to ‘normal’ we are about to be sold.




How has this coronavirus pandemic offered new perspectives, time for healing, time for love and connection, time to see what really matters and what does not?

Try this ->

Find a quiet place, get comfortable, take a few deep, cleansing breaths…

 Now – journal 5 important practices that you have put in place during this time. How can you continue to maintain these actions even after restrictions are lifted? How would your life ultimately change?


Enjoy the read, take time to reflect…what will your new normal look like?

Be well



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