Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming after all is a form of planning ~ Gloria Steinem


Being able to entertain possibilities invites the extraordinary to become a regular experience in your life. When you open to always asking the question, “What If I (did this) _______?”, the field of infinite options is blown wide open.


What can ‘Possibility thinking and action’ do for you?
  • adds excitement and vitality to your life
  • introduces new adventures into your present circumstances
  • provides the opportunity for fresh perspective in places where life might be feeling a bit stuck or repetitive and boring
  • offers a different more creative framework that uncovers the hidden potential in life’s challenges.
  • encourages greater imaginative solutions for any issue large or small
  • helps you step into the unknown with an expectation of positive outcomes.


All that said, and as attractive as these outcomes may sound, the ability to see possibilities in life can be buried under the chaos and rubble of reactive and entrenched beliefs and behaviours. Making possibilities a natural ‘go to’ stance under challenging circumstances can often be hidden by:

  • having a scarcity mindset
  • being frozen by fear of failure, or fear of change,
  • not feeling good enough or deserving enough
  • experiencing the overwhelm of constant worry
  • being controlled by old, unhelpful beliefs about suffering, life being hard and the feeling of having to struggle



“To get something you have never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” ~ anonymous



Thought Is Creative

 If you see yourself in any of the above attitudes, here are a few suggestions to help you dissolve the stuck thinking that no longer serves you.

-> Try a few of the ones that resonate with you and see how much more freedom and creativity you can introduce into areas of your life that need awakening:

  •  – Make a small change in your daily routines. Drive a different way to work, wear your watch on a different wrist, write with your non-dominant hand or eat something new. These will create brain flexibility, which can encourage new thinking.
  • Change your talk. Seek and speak about the good in your life and what could go right. Stop negative self-talk (I can’t, don’t know or am not good enough)
  • Identify and step into your fear (rejection, failure, change?) and commit to trying something new. Decide to meet new people, travel,
  • Nurture your imagination. Let your thoughts go wild. Visualise who you could be if there were no restrictions or limits.
  • Do what have you always wanted to do. Accepting new experiences into your life that align with your passion will open channels of other steps to possibility too.
  • Say ‘yes’ to taking a risk. Start that business; write that book; reach out and meet new people. New adventures will expand your self-confidence and open the field of awareness of what is possible in your life.
  • Embrace your own myth. Finding the theme of your life will help you open up new ways to enrich ordinary experiences of life.
  • Release your blocks with Breathwork. Use the valuable tool of Breathwork to access and blast through what keeps you in old ways of thinking. Free your mind to be creative and look at each challenge as an opportunity to bring a fresh perspective.


Living your life in the limitless reality of what is possible means that you embrace change and step into new experiences. It moves you out of what is comfortable and familiar,  can be difficult and feel awkward. However, if you persist, the reward is resilient personal growth and strength. You learn to creatively adapt and will have the compass to navigate through anything life brings to you.




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