I choose to make the rest of my life the best of my life – Louise Hay


Fulfillment occurs in life moments when you have the ability to let go of effort and embrace contentment, satisfaction and meaningful happiness. These experiences touch an authentic essence within that rejoices. “Yes! This feels so perfect! This is what life is about and what is possible.”

These moments of incredible peace and sheer joy are usually short-lived. No matter how you try to hang on to the feelings, it seems your old reality of self-doubt, chaos, or uncertainty returns leaving you longing for the next drop of ‘feel good’ that will grace your life.

True fulfillment is a more permanent experience that sources from the happiness and satisfaction you grow in your life when you know what you really want, when you make the decisions to pursue your desires and when you develop the fortitude and tenacity to work through obstacles that rise up along the way.


What Fulfillment is not…
  • Fulfillment is not just about the physical acquisitions of life – the car, house, job, relationships.
  • It cannot live in an environment of blame, resentment or lack.
  • It does not thrive in an atmosphere of wishing that ‘someday’ your life circumstances will be enough and you will finally reach your destination where everything will be as you desire.
  • It does not mean you hop from one activity to the next based on someone else’s vision or any ill-fitting cultural standards that you have adopted as your own.
  • It does not rush past milestones of achievement without appreciation or recognition of the accomplishments.


Finding Fulfillment … for things to change,  first I must change
  • See the blessings in the current situation…be present

Seeking fulfillment is a heartfelt human endeavor that comes from realising each moment holds joy if you pay attention to the details.

                  A Present Moment Exercise ->

Choose one simple activity that you do every day, such as brushing your teeth. Put your complete attention on brushing your teeth as the singular, important task in your universe. Find other activities to focus on in the moment (walking – pay attention to every detail of your steps – sight, sound, feel) with the intention of expanding your awareness.


  • Create Momentum – Become conscious of each achievement and celebrate it…

The future “someday” when you will be fulfilled is every day and every moment. Enjoy and be grateful for ‘now’ and use that awareness to build greater and longer times when you feel fulfillment.


  • Let go of searching externallyYou are already complete

Jobs, possessions, relationships are integral to life but not essential to true fulfillment. Invite your best life to manifest with ease and grace from within. Acknowledge that you are already whole and that you have access to the limitless Universe within you.


  • Become clear about what you want…seek inner clarity

What do I want? Create your own road map to define your passion. Refine and adjust your personal outlook to align with what truly matters to your soul.

                       Try This Exercise –>

Think back to moments where you succeeded at something you were doing. What was it? What about it made you feel fulfilled and content? What gifts did you notice that could help others?


  • Meditate and Breathe – Bring your ideas and thoughts to consciousness

Realise that all possibility exists. Through your emotions and mindset you can choose peace and contentment that lay the foundation for new attitudes and beliefs. Choose joy and release negativity and fear through the breath. Breathe in new ideas and fresh action plans.


  • Learn how to let go of what cannot be controlled

Release massive amounts of life stress that makes room for peace.


Fulfillment is the fuel for the effortless and continual flow of satisfaction. It comes from having made right choices and taken self-empowered right actions. It is the fruit of your heartfelt desire for happiness and contentment to be full partners in your life instead of just in momentary occurrences.

The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heartHelen Keller


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