From your personal experiences, to your physical environment to the messages you have inherited from your upbringing, invitations to fear are an inevitable part of life.

Beyond the Status Quo of Fearful Living

Everything from fear of flying to trepidation of public speaking to debilitating immobility in taking even a small risk or the fear of making a wrong decision, can keep you in a status quo orbit and prevent you from stepping into the potential joy and expansive experiences that life has to offer.

Rather than be limited by your fear, you can learn how to consciously choose to reach beyond things as they are and explore the boundless nature of your existence.

This workshop of a 1 day or 2 days (depending on the request of the organizer) is designed to help you identify your fear, take steps to conquer it and set yourself free from its tyranny.

Identify Your Fear

In a safe and nurturing environment, John Stamoulos will provide powerful exercises designed to assist you to:

  • Define what fear is.
  • See how your thoughts have a paralysing effect on you.
  • Uncover the messages and experiences that are the subconscious source of your fear

Take Steps to Conquer Your Fear

This workshop hands you the tools necessary to overcome your fear so you can expand how you do your life. You no longer need to refuse new experiences because you will learn to step into change with new behaviours and an expanded outlook.

Under John’s insightful and encouraging guidance you will:

  • Acknowledge and express your feelings of fear.
  • Heal the inner child who holds your primal fears.
  • Fearlessly learn how to say ‘Yes’ to everything.
  • Make peace with your ego’s reluctance to take risks.
  • Heal the pain of your fear by learning to make different choices and experience breathwork as a dynamic path to release of fear.

Set yourself Free

The role of courage and love in meeting and overcoming your fear is one of the most powerful discoveries of this experience. You will begin to realize that fear can be your greatest teacher and advisor and that it can be a potent catalyst for engendering self-love and personal growth.

When you trust your instincts, you will know the difference between made up fear that needs compassionate disregard and real fear that provides wise inner counsel to make different choices.

Fear is an irrefutable part of our make-up that serves the dual purpose of keeping us alert so we can feel safe in the world, as well as being the means through which we are able to respond to threatening situations…but it doesn’t have to terrorise us.

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