Mountains of research have confirmed that plants have intelligence and even beyond that, consciousness by many of the same measures as we do. Not only do they feel pain, but plants also perceive and interact with their environment in sophisticated ways. ~ Stephen Harrod Buhner


It makes for compelling reading and even more riveting thinking to consider that communication, sensing and adaptation are not the sole realm of human/animal consciousness but the capabilities exist in the plant world as well. There has been much made of the ecopsychology of the plant kingdom of late, including the fascinating world of fungus and the role it plays as the ‘internet of the world of plants’ (Fantastic Fungi

The attached article offers a view into this perception that is coming of age at a time when all life on planet earth is threatened by massive climate change issues, territorial battles and spiritual crises that create disharmony, global fear and strife and tear at the fabric of who we are at our core.

Plants are one of many ‘self-organised’ systems that have the intelligence to perceive, plan, communicate and socialize. They live in a world of symbiotic harmony with other species that respond and adapt to changes in their environments. Their construction bears striking similarities to human physiology as they are known to have a central nervous system, are able to carry out sophisticated brain-like activities that are focused on survival and adaptation. They also have a sophisticated communication network that reaches across miles.

“research into plant perception is showing that plants have feelings, they are sentient, they communicate with each other, feel pain and they can plan into the future.”

Perhaps the presence of this role model of survival and interdependence is in our midst at this time to demonstrate the potential to thrive that is inherent in the consciousness that we share with all life.

The breath has a role to play in the ability to thrive both in a physical sense and in its capacity to transform what no longer works so that we may learn to adapt using our’ inner plant consciousness.’

Enjoy the read and breathe in possibility – be like plants!



Recommended Reading:  The Field by Lynne McTaggart




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