You are intimately connected to creative forces that can flow wealth to you.

Abundance is about more than just physically having money. It is about recognizing prosperity in all its forms. In order to do that, it is necessary to clear what clouds your perspective. Your sense of self-worth, limiting beliefs about your capability to have abundance, other blocks and sabotage that get in the way of action need to be shifted in order to open the channel to an expanded insight of what is possible.

This workshop teaches you to develop and utilize the powerful energy of a prosperity mindset so that you can build a lasting framework of abundance in your life. It is about growing the confidence to take educated, informed possibilities that evolve the real potential for super-abundance in life.

The initial groundwork to uncover hidden sabotage and change subconscious programming about having wealth begins here. Through the many exercises in this workshop with John Stamoulos you are given a prime opportunity to:

  • ENGAGE in exploration that looks at your self-worthSlide2.
  • CLEAR negativity around your sense of deserving.
  • HEAL your limiting beliefs around wealth.
  • UNCOVER the subconscious programming and sabotaging behaviours that stand in the way of your potential to invite wealth and prosperity into your life.
  • CULTIVATE a mature concept of abundance rather than the immature view you might now have.
  • DISCOVER the energy of money as it relates to abundance
  • LEARN the vital roles that ‘taking responsibility’ and ‘what you do for work’ play in creating super-abundance.
  • EXPAND your concepts about prosperity, wealth and money.

Reprogram Your Prosperity Perspective

You are wholly creative. You did not arrive in this world with a sense of your powerlessness or lack. You were taught this and because you learned it, you can un-learn it.

This workshop is not a classroom type of activity. This is a hands-on, interactive approach that will have you fully engaged in uncovering and reshaping your outmoded beliefs, understanding your limitations, and learning what you need to know in order to reclaim your prosperity mindset. You will leave with the clarity, tools and the awareness you require to confidently take the next steps toward creating abundance in your life.

Workshop Logistics

  • This workshop can be customized to one or two days in length depending on the size of the group attending and the depth of the material covered.
  • You will be given a workbook with the outline of the workshop to keep for future reference and guidance.
  • There will be an optional and highly recommended Group Breathwork session at the end of the workshop to help release old, outdated beliefs about abundance and to free up space for prosperity to flow to you.

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