“You have to find that place that brings out the human in you the soul in you ~ the love in you.” ~ R.M Drake


Over the last few blog posts we have been looking at living from authenticity. We have talked about the need to find out about and live from core values, and how thinking from the heart is the source of your true guidance. We explored how Self-knowledge (who am I?) and self-awareness (conscious self-observation) are also critical elements of living an authentic life. This post will put it all together as a map for actions that can be applied in your life.


Why does Authenticity Matter? What’s In It For YOU?

When you are in touch and live from your deepest truth, there are many benefits to your life.

You are:

  • able to make choices that are in integrity and aligned with your highest good
  • more enthusiastic and energetic about your interactions and can Engage life fully as you follow through on your goals
  • in touch with and take responsibility for your well-being and know what is important to you
  • able to communicate more clearly, honestly, compassionately and lovingly with others. You are more open and vulnerable without feeling unsafe.
  • aware and conscious of your process and can let go of your story and be more forgiving of others and self
  • able to accept your strengths and weaknesses and are more respectful and less judgmental of the differences in others
  • joyful and at peace within
Putting Authenticity to Work in Your Life

Being authentic means you take 100% responsibility for living in integrity with your truth. When you encounter a person or experience that is not aligned with who you are, you can make a conscious choice to leave, speak up or stay with good reason. You are guided by the part of you that is whole and connected to your innermost honest soul-self.

Being Authentic in Daily Living:
  • Have the intention to pay attention to what feels most truthful for you in any encounters you experience.
  • Be disciplined around making choices that are in integrity with what feels like your highest right.
  • Be open-minded and embrace all sides of a situation. Let go of rigid or limited thinking – entertain all possibilities!
  • Notice the signs when you might be inauthentic – what fears are underneath the insincere communication or distracted behaviour?
  • Take the risk to share yourself with others – encourage their trust and create a sense of intimacy and honest connection
  • Be guided by your intuition – when things feel off, check in with how authentic the situation feels to you and act accordingly; notice how it feels when you are being authentic.


Evolving Authenticity

Being authentic in life means that you are attuned to the ever-changing landscape of what is true for you and what isn’t. Every situation or experience is an opportunity to release old beliefs or limitations that no longer are a fit and a chance to release hidden skills and talents that more accurately reflect the truth of who you are.

As you embrace your authenticity, you also accept that life is about infinite evolution. When you have the courage to live authentically, it drives transformation and grace. You are a changing and learning being with the ability to face your fears and doubts, to nurture your abilities and gifts and to reach deeply into the heart of who you truly are and freely live from that place of spirit and aliveness.

“Who we are evolves and changes. This is a dynamic process and one we can keep moving into at deeper levels. Feel that, pay attention to that. This is less about a destination than a journey of going deeper to keep discovering and unfolding new pieces of ourselves as we go.” ~ Tony Robbins




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