Building A Place For Abundance to Thrive

The Universe totally supports every thought I choose to think and believe.
I have unlimited choices about what I think and therefore create.
I Choose balance, harmony, love, joy and peace and I express it in my life.

The word “abundance” shows up in dialogue a lot these days.  In the personal development and self-help world, it is virtually impossible to pick up any article without a reference to it and some offer to attend the ultimate prosperity-attracting presentation. Yet, even with all the buzz about wealth, most people are not living their dream of enriched well-being.

It is easy to make a worldwide case for lack – lack of healthy food, clean water, safe shelter, education and often the absence of freedom completely.  In the U.S., there are more than 46 million people living in poverty ( American homeless shelters hosted 1.6 million children last year alone. In Australia, more than 2.5 million people are living below the poverty line.  Globally, the issues of hunger, health and lack are pandemic.

In the news, there are daily reminders that our national economies are teetering on the brink of some new monetary disaster from which we all will suffer.

In our individual lives, we struggle with our own fears of financial ruin and lay awake at night worrying how we will meet our obligations.

As we attempt to take charge and be responsible for our lives, we attend seminars, and read books about attracting wealth to us. We buy into the directives that tell us we will never have to worry about our finances again if we just “Do this or Think that.” …and so, …we do and think…but nothing changes.

Flowing Prosperity to Us

When you follow the external instructions about attracting abundance to you, often all you are doing is painting a thin veneer of ‘hopeful’ prosperity over your entrenched ‘scarcity mindset’.  It is easy to predict how long that will last – and it isn’t very long.

The problem seems to be that we rarely get to access the infinite connection and Divine flow of all possibility and potential that sources from within us. Wealth and well-being begin their journey into physical reality from us. The flow is not from physical reality to us. So, that is where we need to start to transform our unsettled circumstances no matter what is going on around us!

Building a lasting framework for Abundance

Just as in our human lives we build a house in which to live, we need an inner structure to house our abundance. In order to create, synchronise with and enjoy the limitless bounty of prosperity, the essential building blocks of mindset, heartset, clarity and maturity need to be in place in our internal home.

•    Your mindset shifts as you heal the inherited limiting beliefs, subconscious programming and sabotaging behaviours that stand in the way of your potential to invite wealth and prosperity into your life:
o    Heal that child within who was taught he/she could not have what they wanted in life.
o     Let go of resentments. Forgiveness is one of the most freeing exercises that can be done to make room for your   desires to flow. How much space are your resentments and righteousness taking up inside you?
o    Reprogram your perspective of abundance. It is more than just physically having money –car, house, or a relationship. It is about recognizing prosperity in all its forms – freedom, health, love and well-being and gratitude.

•    Your ‘heartset’ is all about allowing what is deeply in your heart to speak. Take time in a quiet space and listen deeply to what emerges from your heart’s authentic desire when you ask the question.

What exactly do I want from my life? What is my God-nature here to do?

Unlimited abundance and endless possibilities are inevitable when you align with your authentic desires.

•    Gain clarity about your value by acknowledging your self-worth and clearing negativity around your sense of deserving whatever it is that you want. It is important to understand your value and what you are worth at a cellular level.

“It is okay to ‘be’  ‘do’ and ‘have’ everything I desire. All my desires are worthy.”

•    Cultivate a mature perspective of abundance by taking educated, informed steps toward an evolved view of what is possible in your life. ‘Taking responsibility’ and ‘what you do to work’ are vital to a spacious and resilient prosperity perspective.

Take Action Within The Structure You Have Built

•    Use Breathwork to release the grip of scarcity and to uncover hidden sabotage. There is no more powerful technique to change subconscious programming about having wealth in whatever way you see it.
•    Get the flow started by giving and serving others. Helping others is our mission here and it is intimately linked to the cycle of abundance – the more   you give and serve, the more you get back.
•    Adopt an attitude of deep gratitude and appreciation for the little things. They lead to a habitual welcoming of gratitude for all things and a new view of possibility.
•    Allow love into your life.  Embrace love of family, God, community and deeply love the work that you do.
•    Let the sense of freedom that the delight of your inner child can bring into your life so you can heal the trauma and wounding. Let joy flood into your being.
•    Within the laws of ethical behaviour and integrity, give yourself permission to have what you want. In this way, you become the co-creator of your wealth with God.

Understand the Limitlessness of Your Desires

True abundance is a state of mind that acknowledges there is more than enough of everything on this planet.  Out of that realization can emerge an openness to discover how to tap into the flow of all the wealth that is available – because it truly is ours for the taking whether we believe it or not.

We need to become masters of creating and manifesting.  When we do, life becomes a powerful experience of trusting that our needs will be met exactly at the time we require them to be fulfilled.  Think about how many times in your own life that a serendipitous opportunity, a person or a ‘miracle’ resolution to a problem seemed to come out of thin air as you struggled with a challenge.

In accordance with the echoes of ancient and spiritual traditions worldwide, manifesting and abundance are simply the ways we interact with all that is available to us in the vast pool of potential.

You are wholly creative. You did not arrive in this world with a sense of your powerlessness or lack. You were taught this and because you learned it, you can un-learn it.

It is an abundant universe and, as long as we work and play within its laws there is nothing to stop us from having what we want.

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