Whenever we attempt something new or difficult, we have to be able to imagine it before it becomes possible. It’s the combination of inspiration and perspiration that brings about tangible results. ~ Jean Shinoda Bolen


Can you learn to consciously shape or change your life experience? Yes it is entirely possible! It means trading the low vibration frequency of negative thought and belief for the more desirable, higher frequency of conscious creation that supports greater happiness, fulfillment and deeper meaning in life experiences.

Thought is the creative life force responsible for physical reality. If you believe you are not enough, or continually think or say, “I’m broke…tired…stupid… alone”, then that is the internalized message that will reliably draw circumstances to you to prove those thoughts are true.


Co-ordination of Thought and Feeling in Conscious Creation 
  • Uncover and Reprogram Thoughts and Beliefs

 Thoughts and your ability to imagine are fuelled by beliefs that can be in direct opposition to your dreams and desires. You may want that promotion at work and truly see yourself getting it but if you believe you are underappreciated, continually feel that your talents are not acknowledged, or subconsciously think that you are not good enough, then these opposing beliefs or thought patterns will override your stated desire and prevent you from getting that promotion.


Take a look at your own life. Is there a disconnect between what you want and what you have right now? Can you list 3 beliefs and associated thoughts that might prevent you from achieving a life desire?


  • The Role of the Heart in Conscious Creation

 The HeartMath Institute, is an organisation dedicated to studying how heart activity affects the functions of the brain. They found that when the heart is in a state of flow and the person is feeling appreciation, joy, compassion and love, the brain signals are smooth and in sync with the heart’s positive and peaceful emotions. Similarly, when negative emotions are experienced, brain states exhibit chaotic and unbalanced signals that reflect the vibration of the negative feelings.

This coherent connection between the heart and the brain implies that you can influence your thoughts through greater awareness of your feelings and emotions. This gives the potential to align your external reality with your intentions and goals.


  •  Presence and Conscious Creation

Conscious creation cannot occur with a focus on the past or the future. It can only truly be generated in the present.

Presence is about being aware of now without being attached to memories of the past or worries and fears about the future. The present moment offers clear space for conscious creation as it invites a state of flow that fully engages you in whatever you are doing:

  • eating (savour the smells and tastes),
  • working (be fully engaged to the exclusion of passage of time),
  • walking (pay attention to each step and the environment)
  • playing (connect with the child in you and embrace fun)


Taking Action Toward Conscious Creation

 Create Presence –

  • Breathe – use counting breath cycles to focus your attention only on the counting and defocus from distractions, thoughts and worries.
  • Breathwork sessions can be used to clear negative thoughts, beliefs, values, experiences, and traumas that are cellularly imprinted and inhibit presence.
  • Daily Awareness –notice and appreciate the sights, sounds and feel of whatever you are doing.
  • Engage Activity FullyFocus your attention only on what you are doing and allow the experience of ‘flow’ to create an effortless sense of personal mastery over your activity.

Choose what you want – Become aware of what you want and get clear with images, vision boards and other tangibles to help as reminders.

Engage Feelings From the Heart – generate love, compassion and expectation to transform negative thoughts and behaviours.

Believe in a Benevolent Universe Practice having faith and trust that the Universe is conspiring to deliver what you want.

Take Focused Action –connect the desire to physical reality by taking action steps on your behalf – reach out, respond, receive and engage

Pay Attention to what shows up– be attentive to your instincts, your intuition and follow your inner guidance. Be open to receive your desires.


With focused practice, you can develop the ability to live deliberately and consciously create what you want in career, happiness, abundance, health, relationships and well-being.

 In order to fully trust our inner voice we must first tune to the frequency of the heart.. ~ Mike Dooley



Suggested Further Reading:

Life on Earth, Understanding Who We Are, How We Got Here and What May Lie Ahead by Mike Dooley

Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts



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