Whatever you think, you can consciously create. ~ John Stamoulos


Do you ever think about how many affirmations you express and experience in a day? Think about the verbal input you absorb from those around you. Think about the words you hear from others and from yourself every day.


The Subtle Presence of Affirmations in Your Life
  • You unconsciously condition yourself with such phrases as “This is driving me nuts.” or “I could never do that.” or “I’m always running late.” These and many other repeated phrases become life-altering, self-fulfilling prophecies.
  • The advertising industry uses repetition to create memorable product identification and taglines. Many items you buy and use are a direct result of this conditioning and repetition.
  • The lyrics in many popular songs glorifies misfortune, relationship dramas or violence and can actually open you up to attract the same into your life.
  • Repeatedly watching negative news, movies or television programs can produce feelings of hopelessness and fear of the world.


If you consider this conditioning, it is clear that repetition of ideas can influence change. These are hidden affirmations that are imprinted on the brain and become part of your present belief system that you unconsciously respond to. So, you eat that food to improve your skin, you buy that product to lose weight, and, you take that supplement because it promises optimal focus. Or, you find yourself fixated on the world as unsafe because you are fed a constant diet of terrorism and inevitable harm.


The principles of repetition can be put to good use through working with positive affirmations that you consciously choose to change your life.


In the same way you are programmed unconsciously by advertising, old beliefs and repetitive negativity, it is possible to choose to positively impact your life using the same strategy.

Affirmations are repeated, positive statements, set in the present time that harness the power of your subconscious mind to produce a desired result. They can assist in adjusting personal beliefs or can be used to create change in your life. 

Affirmations work because of one of the laws of the universe – THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT. When you give your subconscious mind a new thought (cause), it immediately begins the process of bringing that thought into reality (effect). Your subconscious mind serves your conscious mind.


The Co-Creative Process of Affirmations

Repetition of an affirmation works in the same way as watering and nourishing a seed that you might plant in a garden. The more water you give the seed the more it will grow and become a beautiful flower. Similarly, the more repetition of an affirmation, the more the idea grows.


Sometimes you have to become your own enlightened and patient detective and stalk your thoughts for unsupportive beliefs.


Just as weeds can grow in a garden and require removal, a powerful affirmation will bring up all negative thoughts and feelings (weeds) stored deep in your subconscious. These thoughts/feelings help you discover what stands between YOU and Your ideal goals.

With continuous repetition of an affirmation, the old ideas will be erased as new thoughts make an impression on your mind and promote your growth.

The more you work with an affirmation the stronger the subconscious imprint and the greater the opportunity for permanent, desirable changes to take hold in your life.


How Affirmations Change Your Belief

Conscious affirmations are a way to create new beliefs. A new affirmation is probably different from what you believe now, or at least what you presently experience and thus it can generally feel like a lie at first. With repetition, a new idea is gradually integrated into the mind until it becomes a habitual thought. It then ceases to seem new or untrue. Once the thought is part of normal thought, the thought manifests in your physical life experience.


Affirmations offer a way to free yourself from limited thinking and step into a more expansive perspective of your potential and your life. They offer a graceful path to change.

I am the architect of my life. I build its foundation and I choose its contents ~Quotesilla.com


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