LEI Breathworker Training Certification October 2021

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To All Breathwork Enthusiasts:

As someone who has previously experienced the profound process of Breathwork, do you want to dive deeper?  Maybe you have thought about becoming a professional Breathworker or you might be inspired to explore your own transformational process with Breathwork as your ally.

Whatever your level of interest in Breathwork, now is your chance to give yourself dedicated time to delve into your personal evolution using the process or perhaps to choose a new career path with Breathwork.

Join John for Phase 1 of LEI Breathworker Training Certification

October 1, 2021 through October 17, 2021

Adelaide, South Australia

From October 1, 2021 through October 17, 2021, I am planning to facilitate Phase 1 of my certified LEI Breathworker Training Certification (LEI) program.

The focus of Phase 1 of this LEI program is twofold:

  • to give you the experience and instruction that will support self-exploration through Breathwork and other powerful processes
  • to provide the first phase of the education you will need to become a certified Breathwork professional if you choose to sign up for training..

About the LEI program coming up in October 2021

The upcoming LEI program in October 2021 constitutes Phase 1 of my Australian Breathwork Association (ABA) ) LEI Breathworker Training Certification  program that in total includes the required 450 hours of instruction for Breathworker certification and takes two years to complete. The full training that is designed to assure you receive all the necessary instruction, knowledge, and hands-on experience to become a confident, capable, and intelligent Breathwork professional. Learn more here

LEI in October is Phase 1 of Your Breathwork Certification Training:

If you are seeking to take your Breathwork relationship to the next level and enroll in the 2-year certification program, this LEI in October 2021 will provide the Phase 1 foundational training you will need. During this time, you will:

  • Learn about the various types of Breathwork sessions and their uses and benefits
  • Conduct Personal Breathwork sessions
  • Study up to date research on perinatal psychology.
  • Learn about Metaphysical principles focused on personal lies and spiritual healing.
  • Understand emotions, anatomy and physiology in the context of a Breathwork session.

For further details on the topics covered during the LEI Breathworker Training Certification course, click here

LEI in October is also about Personal Development

Although it is primarily about completing Phase 1 of your Breathworker Certification Training, the LEI October program can also be approached as a personal development exercise without the need to follow through on the 2-year training.  In either case, the upcoming LEI program is designed to give you a solid background in:

  • the various types of Breathwork,
  • a template for conducting a Breathwork session,
  • a full understanding of the emotions and responses,
  • release techniques and
  • influences from birth that can block your or your clients’ freedom to move forward in life.

It will support an in-depth look at your personal development and will help you:

  • Identify the origins of limiting belief systems in life
  • Develop your innate intuition
  • Release restrictive thought patterns and their associated emotions
  • Choose, create and identify a personally supportive new belief system.
  • Discover and begin to clear your blocks.
  • Find keys to achieving your dreams.
  • Explore the power of your mind and practice that ‘thought is creative’
  • Learn the power of language and how to use it to invoke your desires.
  • Identify what you want to create in your life and choose your ideal goals
  • Create ways to inspire and guide your life plan.

Get started now!  Participate in LEI in October 2021

By the end of this 17-day program, you will have made significant strides toward increasing your self-knowledge and embarking on your personal journey to transformation and, if you choose to follow the 2-year training, you will have taken the necessary steps to complete Phase 1 towards to your Breathworker Training Certification.


**Join John in October, 2021**

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To express your interest in participating in the October 2021 LEI program or if you would like to know more, please contact John Stamoulos directly at john@johnstamoulos.com

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