What is Life Enhancement Intensive Breathwork Certification Training (LEI)?

LEI is an in-depth, multi-phase, standardised Breathworker training course that is certified by the Australian Breathwork Association (ABA) in alignment with the standards of the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) and the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA). Successful completion of the course gives you the designation of Certified Professional Breathwork Practitioner.

The LEI course has been designed by John Stamoulos as a result of his personal transformational experiences with Breathwork and his 30+ years of facilitating and teaching Breathwork to people worldwide.

Reflection, Inspiration and Vision by Design


Reunite    Rekindle

Let the Breathwork experience reconnect you with self-love as you heal the blocks that bind you


Explore    Discover

Breathwork Techniques Discover the power of this Profound process as you engage the techniques


Transform    Thrive

With Breathwork, support and serve
others to empower and change
their lives

When I experience the immense flow of love that emanates from the core moments in every Breathwork session, I know that this process opens us up, Breathes New Life and Heals

~ John Stamoulos

Transformation for Yourself and Others

Dive Deep
The Heart of Breathwork

The Training is structured as a 2-year, 450-hour commitment that includes:

  • Life Enhancement Intensive Retreat (17 days) providing personal self-healing work and hands-on Breathwork practice
  • Ad hoc courses, workshops and seminars for technical and informational instruction
  • Required participation in Breathwork venues
  • Extensive personal support and case study oversight by John Stamoulos.

Study Outline includes the following experiences and learning:

  • Overview of Breathwork
  • Breathwork Techniques – Step by Step
  • Characteristics of a Breathworker
  • Personal Development for Breathworkers
  • Counselling and Communication Skills
  • Affirmations
  • Emotions
  • Points of Growth that Lead Back to Love
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • The Birthing Process
  • Business Management
  • Code of Ethics

For the full and detailed description of your study path – click here to view Training Syllabus.
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Training Schedule for the LEI program will occur in three Phases:


  • Initial Training (Life Enhancement Intensive)
    This program is a 17-day intensive retreat that will be taught, supervised and mentored by John Stamoulos and will include a combination of learning exercises, and practicum.
  • Participate in your own Breathwork sessions and self-healing process that supports you to enhance your personal development:
    • Identify the origins of limiting belief systems in life
    • Release restrictive thought patterns and let go of their associated emotions
    • Choose, create and identify a personally supportive new belief system.
    • Discover and begin to clear your blocks.
    • Find keys to achieving your dreams.
    • Explore the power of your mind and practice that ‘thought is creative’
    • Learn the power of language and how to use it to invoke your desires.
    • Create ways to inspire and guide your life plan.
    • Develop your innate intuition
    • Unleash your inner potential
    • Liberate your resistance
    • Identify what you want to create in your life and choose your ideal goals
  • Engage in daily activities designed to make the experience memorable, healing as well as expansive:
    • Daily experiential processes to assist you in clearing limitations
    • Daily Breathwork sessions
    • Healthy vegetarian Gourmet food during training sessions
    • Excursions / Sports / Surprises

We have fun too!

I also enjoy using humour when I teach because it makes the lessons memorable and puts them in a lighter context where they often belong

PHASE 2 – Supervision and Study

  • Within 3 to 4 months following the initial training, participants will conduct supervised Breathwork sessions and submit case studies for 3 Breathwork clients.
    • Attend classes
    • Complete written assignments and required reading
    • Assist at Breathwork training venues


PHASE 3 – Practicum and Completion

  • Two years of training, mentoring and supervision with John Stamoulos
  • Breathworker certification that is recognised internationally
  • Observe various types of Breathwork sessions,
  • Conduct supervised Breathwork sessions,
  • Complete one-on-one Breathwork sessions with clients,
  • Submit required case studies for your clients


What LEI Breathworker
Certification Training

Breathe into your growth…

Completing all Phases of the Breathworker Certification Training will provide you with the necessary skills and andknowledge to become a certified Professional Breathworker.

You will have:

  • a solid background in the history and lineage of Breathwork
  • knowledge of the use and benefits of the many techniques used during Breathwork sessions
  • a template for conducting a Breathwork session, including instruction for effective interviewing and connecting with clients
  • a full understanding of the physiology and functions of the body as it relates to the breath
  • a complete grasp of birth types, and birth trauma and a recognition of the impact of these events on clients’ life experiences
  • psychological knowledge that provides context for clients’ behaviors and beliefs.
  • the capability to utilise the breath to assist clients break through blocks that have held them back in life
  • spent time on your own personal Breathwork facilitation and experiences for your own growth self-knowledge and healing

The Life Enhancement Intensive Breathworker Certification Training course equips you with all the tools you need to become a confident, capable and intelligent and effective Breathworker.

The Journey within begins with the first step – take the step

Training Schedule for 2023

Saturday, October 19 through November 04, 2024

Adelaide, South Australia


For more information, contact John Stamoulos at john@johnstamoulos.com

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