Become a Professional Breathworker

Professional Breathworker training is an in-depth, bi-level, standardised course that is certified by the Australian Breathwork Association (ABA). The training is structured as a 2-year, 450-hourcommitment that includes:

  • Online course providing technical and informational instruction
  • Practical experience and personal self-healing through Life Enhancement Intensive retreat and extensive personal support and case study oversight by John Stamoulos.

Once you havecompleted this course, you will have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to become a successful and certified Professional Breathworker. You will have:

  • A solid background in the history and lineage of Breathwork
  • knowledge of the use and benefits of the many techniques used during Breathwork sessions
  • a template for conducting a Breathwork session, including instruction for effective interviewing and connecting with clients
  • a full understanding of the physiology and functions of the body as it relates to the breath
  • a complete grasp of birth types, and birth trauma and a recognition of the impact of these events on clients’ life experiences
  • psychological knowledge that provides context for clients’ behaviors and beliefs.
  • the capability to utilise the breath to assist clients break through blocks that have held them back in life
  • personal Breathwork facilitation and experiences for your own growth and healing

Professional Breathworkertraining equips you with all the tools you need to become a confident, capable and intelligent Breathworker.

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