The Breathing Circle is designed to accommodate from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 60 people. It is open to any participants from a small company to a group of friends, to a conscious community to a group of individuals with similar interests in consciousness exploration. John can be hired to facilitate this deeply connecting gathering for any interested network of people.

A Breathing Circle with John lasts 3 – 4 hours and opens with a moment of silence, a guided meditation or a group prayer to create connection. At the beginning of the group session, participants are invited to voluntarily share any thoughts or experiences they want to voice. Intentions for the Breathwork session can be personally focused or identified as a common outcome of the group or both.

Similar to the process of a One on One Breath session, participants are then invited to lie down, get comfortable and follow the conscious connected breathing technique that is supported by emotive music. As they move through their Breathwork experience, all group members are assisted and given whatever attention they require in the process.

As with One on One Breathwork sessions, a de-brief follows where, again, voluntary sharing is welcomed and encouraged.

A small group Breathwork event is an inspiring transformational tool that can assist in creating a cohesive bond between individuals. It is conducted in a safe and respectful environment that supports intimate sharing or simply allows protected relaxation time. There are a variety of ways it can be structured around the core of the Breathwork experience. John compassionately supports these powerful group events and provides any additional trained facilitators as required.

Contact John to discuss further or to sponsor a Breathing Circle group session with your colleagues.

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