We are always breathing and the air is always around us, surrounding us, moving through us. ~ Daily Om

It’s a simple concept and something we all know how to do – Just Breathe – but it is so easy to forget to do it consciously in the heat of a moment or during a run of depression or anxiety  when we are either not  motivated or are hyper-restless. Sometimes, we are just get so busy that we run through our days on autopilot and never give one thought to the quality of our breathing.

Connection to our conscious breathing is exhilarating!


Try this ‘simple moment’ exercise ->

Build times into your day when you stop what you are doing and step outside – either physically, mentally or emotionally.

  • Take a full deep inhale and exhale and feel the breath move into you and expand throughout your body and move out. Feel that sense of awareness as your breath touches every part of your inner landscape. Let your breath connect YOU to YOU!
  • No matter where you are in your breathing, notice how your physical body changes, notice how your thoughts shift and notice how (even just for an instant) you feel more peaceful.


The stillness into which you connect with a conscious breath is also the path to connecting you to what I like to call the WWU (World-Wide Universe).  So, next time you choose to take a conscious ‘breath break’, remember that your breath has the magic built into it that keeps you awake to all the is possible and to what you are truly part of – you are so much bigger than you ever imagined! Let your breath show you!


Breathe deeply and find your way to the Universe



Breathing in I calm my body.

Breathing out I smile

Living in the present moment

A wonderful moment.

― Thich Nhat Hanh


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