The seeds of our greatest growth are often planted in the depths of our greatest life challenges – challenges that begin at the very start of our lives with the inescapable trauma of our birth and the taking of our first breath. From that moment on, we are shaped by our external world, lose connection with our true self and give in to victimhood and a belief we have no choice in the process.

“Breathing Into A New Life” is the transformational story of international Breathworker, John Stamoulos. It is both his personal narrative of triumph over trauma, struggle and challenge and a teaching manual where you can learn about Breathwork and the power it holds to change your life in permanent ways. Through John’s chronicles, you discover how Breathwork maps a path for letting go of a lifetime of repressed thoughts, emotions, beliefs, negativity and pain. The outcomes of John’s story from victim to victorious can be applied as a map for your own life.

“Breathing Into a New Life” invites you inward into an undiluted, exquisite experience of authentic love. Along the way, you learn an astonishing truth: your breath, the very mechanism through which we all maintain our physical life is also an elegant, precise and intelligent instrument of transformation.

You will never see your breath in quite the same way after reading this book.

Accompany John on this universal journey to authenticity and self-mastery through personal development and discover your own victorious path as you do!

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