Many of us spend our whole lives running from feelings with the mistaken belief that you cannot bear the pain. But you have already born the pain. What you have not done is feel all you are beyond that pain ~ Kahlil Gibran



The power of Breathwork lies in its inherent ability to release the emotional baggage that binds us to a life that is far less than it can be. As we breathe and reach the release experience in a Breathwork session, we access the pristine opportunity to let go of that which has kept us in painful cycles that hold us back.


Some signs that we are running from our pain by engaging in any number of suppressive habits that numb us to our feelings including:

  • the use of mind-altering drugs
  • the use of marijuana
  • drinking alcohol
  • the use of nicotine
  • ingesting caffeine products
  • engaging in habitual distractions like watching television
  • telling lies – to yourself or to others
  • dismissing emotional matters as unimportant
  • procrastination
  • overeating
  • sleeping too much
  • overworking
  • having too much sex including masturbation
  • constantly reading as a means of escape
  • being controlling and manipulative


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When we experience pain and run from it, we are giving in to a stealthy and adaptive process that can overload our systems with its burden. If you engage in any of these behaviours or use any of these substances habitually, try stopping abruptly for two weeks to find out whether you have been using these activities as a tool to suppress that pain of your emotions.  If you are honest with yourself, you don’t even have to actually take any action.  Just noticing your feelings when you even just think about stopping will be enough to deliver the answer!


The Power of Breathwork in Healing Suppression

Suppressing our pain drains our life force and stops us from achieving what we want in life.  the more suppressed emotion that is released, the more you let go. The more you let go, the more energy you will have and the healthier you will feel and the more restful sleep you will experience. The more restful the sleep, the less you need.


Healing the wounded, guilty, shameful parts of self through the Breathwork can lead to more freedom, more energy and more aliveness.  You are afforded access to your feelings and have a healthy way to engage and express them.  Being aware of how we might be suppressing our emotions will help us take steps to release what is being suppressed. In doing so, especially through Breathwork, we are giving ourselves a glimpse at who we truly are beyond our pain.



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