It is part of human nature to want to feel comfortable and content. We like the feeling of safety and security, the knowledge that everything is under control, and that we can relax and enjoy life. In fact, the concept of retirement and working towards more leisure time in life reflects this pursuit of comfort.


But…How much comfort can you allow yourself before you fall into the trap of complacency that leaves you missing opportunities for your growth and wellbeing?


Complacency has a tinge of experiencing the same old routines and behaviors that leave you feeling safe but stuck in a rut. Maybe you have found the job that you can do easily and that pays the bills. However, it may offer little challenge or the opportunity to stretch the envelope of your limitations and invite you to learn new skills or take on new responsibilities.


While life inside your comfort zone is predictable and generally without surprises, it can also become the trap where complacency sets in and vitality may go to die. If your days have become rote repeats of the day before, perhaps it is time to take a look at shaking things up ?  Here are a few suggestions to overcome the extreme end of the comfort scale:

  • Explore the neighborhood or city outside your home’s four walls – put down the remote and go for a walk instead! Make it a point to meet new people and engage new experiences.
  • Keep your intuition in top shape by relying less on technology and depending on your own inner decision-maker – find a restaurant in a new city based on your sense of it rather than solely on a social media review
  • Commit to learning new skills or bits of information everyday – challenge yourself to maybe even learn a foreign language
  • Embrace making changes in your life that can be good for you – find a new job, home or relationship
  • Allow yourself to delve into points of view that are not necessarily aligned with your own
  • Plan your future and follow through on your goals


Remember that comfort is a sweet and necessary state of being in life but the balance lies in also taking the first steps to embrace the adventure and potential that awaits you – keep moving!



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