These days, our world seems filled with violence, hatred and overstuffed agendas that drive our lives with equal doses of fear and anxiety.   In the heat of doing battle to keep up, it is easy to go unconscious and become numb to your essential nature. When that happens, life takes on the look of a war zone where fighting is the only survival strategy. That path can leave you feeling completely disconnected from love, compassion and softness and can result in your losing effective communication with others, with yourself…and worse…with Spirit.

Here are dead giveaways that you are in need of an inner ‘love and peace’ tune-up to re-align with your authentic nature:

  • You are the master of righteous over-responsibility (“I have to do this myself because no one else will step up…I am the only one!”)
  • You have no energy left to fight through a day and have given up to exhausted silence.
  • You notice that everything you do is hard and yields few results.
  • You blame and judge others
  • You find yourself increasingly angry, stressed out and resentful.
  • You let fear drive your actions and interactions with others.

Where is that forgotten ‘essence of you’ that has disappeared into the abyss of unconsciousness? How do you reconnect?

 Your Breath leads you to the world behind your world

The most profound and powerful way back to the vast Spirit that can change your trajectory is through your breath. It is the purest and most perfect road to remembering the peace, love and awareness that sustains you. A breath session busts you through the habitual patterns that have developed against love and against your soul.  Your breath takes you back to your heart and into a very real world of empowered, flexible and flowing Spirit.

Strengthen your connection with Actions

Developing a robust relationship with Spirit that sticks takes daily action and working the muscle of connection. Commit to:

  • Schedule a meeting with Spirit –“Today, 3 good things will happen.”
  • Meditate – allow yourself to float in the serenity of inner presence.
  • Sleep – rest into the restorative refreshment of sleep.
  • Let your Mother (Nature, that is) lead the way to awe and wonder again.
  • Breathe often and consciously– quick diaphragmatic breaths for energy; conscious- connected breaths for touching into love; slow deep breaths for calm.
  • Find big and small ways to give and receive love every day.
  • Be grateful – acknowledge all that you appreciate in your life.

You can move with grace and softness in the world.  You can change from fight to love and attune to your authentic YOU.


Spirit holds these gifts for you – Offers them unconditionally…Always

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