The New Year is often a time of seeking inspiration, of deciding and planning how you would like the coming year to unfold and what goals you would like to achieve. Whether you sit down and formally make a map or whether you simply have a few moments of focus on the next steps in your life, it is always good to take time at some points in your life to re-assess and perhaps re-direct your efforts to what is important NOW.


OmTimes has published a wonderful article on Daily Om ( that offers a thought-provoking glimpse of how what you do each day is actually unfolding of your life’s work – take a moment to read and consider taking time to reflect on your own unique situation.


Ask yourself: 

What is my passion?

What gets me out of bed in the morning?

What gives me the greatest joy in my life?

Is this the time in my life when I need to change my trajectory and truly hear what my soul is whispering to me?



Here is the introduction to give you a sense of why this is worth the read:


Your Life’s Work

“Each of us has been blessed with a purpose that makes our heart sing. Many people are committed to professions and personal endeavors they never consciously planned to pursue. They attribute the shape of their lives to circumstance, taking on roles they feel are tolerable. Each of us, however, has been blessed with a purpose. Your life’s work is the assemblage of activities that allows you to express your intelligence and creativity, live in accordance with your values, and experience the profound joy of simply being yourself. Unlike traditional work, which may demand more of you than you are willing to give, life’s work demands nothing but your intent and passion for that work.”


Enjoy the read and may you shape 2022 in your exquisite inner truth

Breathe – Acknowledge – Act

With love,



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