John Stamoulos is a dedicated and passionate practitioner of Breathwork who has had the privilege of delivering its gifts of to audiences in UK, Europe, Middle East South America, North Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, India, and Asia. He spends 5 months of the year travelling and working throughout the world. During his extensive career as a Breathwork professional, John can include such accomplishments as – first to introduce Breathwork to Iran and first to share the Breathwork process with a group of 600 participants in Malaysia.

His initial exposure to the process came as a result of a life-changing event in the 1980s that forced him to embrace his own transformational path. From the first experience of Breathwork, he was fully aware of its power to heal. It has been his life’s focus ever since.

He is a devoted father and renowned healthcare professional who is committed to staying on the leading edge of discovery through pursuing continued education in healing and personal growth. John embraces the many techniques he acquired on his own journey to wellness and shares them with his clients and students to assist their own quest for change.

For John, the essence of every human being is love and, as a Breathworker, he assists and supports people to discover that truth for themselves. His loving presence shines through in his teaching about Breathwork as well as in his role as a compassionate and intuitive mentor and now as an author.

John’s Vision

 One of the most amazing areas I am fascinated with is HEALTH – I see that so many people work so hard to create Money and then are faced with spending all their money to get their Health back! I pray that everyone is able to discover that equilibrium in their life- to have perfect balance and time with GOD/SELF. GOD time for me means to have time with myself, to connect with my higher self and Great Spirit. I am always in search of having this balance in my life, whatever it takes.

Creating a community worldwide is very important for me as I feel that as a Breathworker, I can assist and support people everywhere. As I travel planet Earth, I am fortunate to meet amazing people who love and support me and become my extended family. I love teaching this to people and my community. After all I always affirm I am a world citizen! Community and a sense of family, spiritual family or not, we need each other for our own personal and global growth. I pray for all the inhabitants of our beautiful planet to co-exist in harmony, compassion and understanding. We do live in an ABUNDANT world and I pray for everyone to be able to experience this – we are all responsible – together we can make a difference if we begin by healing OURSELVES!

John Stamoulos

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